Sunday, 9 April 2017

Stop the War on Syria: Derry Protests!

Despite the weather and short notice, anti war activists from several groups, political parties and none took part in today's Stop the War Rally at Derry's cenotaph. This is not for the first time have the people of Derry have come out in opposition to atrocities carried out by and pending wars instigated by imperialist forces or their allies around the world. The aerial attack on Khan Sheikhun in Idlib province, apparently carried out by the Syrian regime, which appears to have involved chemical weapons, is another terrible outrage in the war which has devastated Syria since 2011. More than 72 people are now reported dead, 20 of these children, and over 200 horribly wounded. 

In calling todays rally following the sickening developments carried out in Syria this week, in a statement issued by the Derry Anti War Coalition a spokesperson said: "Like with so much reportage from Syria it is difficult to untangle the truth of who is responsible for the carnage. This latest atrocity, whether it is a direct chemical attack by the Syrian regime or a conventional attack on a rebel weapons compound holding chemicals as the Russian Government is claiming, only exposes the games of the outside forces involved in Syria's proxy war. While condemning this attack the DAWC contends that any further military intervention by outside forces such as the missile strikes launched by the Trump regime will only prolong the horror of this war for the Syrian people and must be resisted by anti-war and peace activists. This appalling attack therefore must not be used as a justification for yet further Western escalation This latest atrocity only adds to the litany of recent carnage in the region. Not so avidly reported by the Western media however is the Western backed assault on Mosul across the border in Iraq which is also causing a huge number of casualties. It is estimated that the US-led coalition bombing raids have killed around 1,500 civilians in March alone and hundreds of thousands have been displaced. On 28 March one US strike alone caused the deaths of 112 civilians in Mosul, according to a CNN report. The IAWM condemns all these attacks and calls for the withdrawal of all foreign militaries from the middle east and for peace negotiations to ensue. The attacks in Mosul and this recent horrific attack in Syria show the true horror of war for civilians and only underlines the urgency to stop these wars and achieve political solutions." 

From the build up to this current situation, both Russian and US forces propaganda war has already been in full swing. Assisted again by their 'neutral media' machines of the CNN, BBC, RT, FOX, SKY and RTE. Their media spin used to do just that, mass confusion and manipulation of viewers by relentless images of death and war which can also affect antiwar mobilisation against them at home. As the tension heightens both in Syria and now on the Korean peninsula, it is vital that we also to highlight issues locally such as US military refuelling at Shannon as well as engagement of Irish Troops involvement with NATO forces. For anarchists, we call on all workers to reject all forms of nationalism and further continuing imperialist wars on the streets. Although todays rally was small, it's important to continue the call for more protests and to demand NO WAR BUT THE CLASS WAR!