Sunday, 12 March 2017

Successful First public meeting in Derry for IWW

Today in Derry, the Ireland Section of the Industrial Workers of the World held the first in what's to be a series of public talks on the history and current activity of the militant workers union. Organised by local members and supporters, the meeting was addressed by IWW Ireland regional organiser who began this afternoons event with a rendition of Joe Hill. The historical folk song tells the story of how a fellow Wobblie organiser was first imprisoned then executed of his workplace agitation in North America. 

A spokesperson for today's event stated "Today's gathering in Derry was to give people a general insight into the ideas and politics behind the Industrial Workers of the World. The speaker covered the history of IWW as an international labor union that was founded in 1905 in Chicago, Illinois touching on critical periods for our class since then, the different prominent figures involved of which, many of whom would have been from these shores. 

"Likewise todays event looked closely at the different guiding principles and achievements of the IWW to date, but more importantly the need for our class both within the workplace and at community level to take a stand against the corruption and arrogance of the bosses and capitalism alike. For us there is little difference as to what our class face here today, north and south and what it has had to face at the beginning of the last century when the IWW first emerged. The remedy for the challenges that we face today undoubtedly needs to be workplace and community self defence, agitation and organisation. The motto of Industrial Workers of the World is 'an injury to one - is an injury to all' that is why meetings like this today are taking place with branches forming across the country. Today's gathering was an important first step"
The Industrial Workers of the World are currently organising in Ireland and at present have members and supporters in towns and cities such Dublin, Belfast, Cork, Derry, Newry, Armagh, Monaghan, Galway amongst other areas. If you would like to get involved in your area then please use the following link.