Sunday, 26 February 2017

French Antifascist activists to speak on Police Brutality & Welcoming Refugees in Paris

Refugee and Antifascist activists from France will speak in Derry on Saturday March 4th to give a direct account of current events happening in Paris.  A spokesperson said "Over the past number of weeks French police have arrested dozens of young people after regular nightly clashes with youths on housing estates across in Paris. This latest wave of violence comes following a recent violent arrest in which a police officer was charged with raping a young man with a baton.

"The case of this brutial police assualt of a 22-year-old, known only by his first name, Théo, has put a fresh spotlight on police brutality in France, where cops are regularly accused of using excessive force in working class neighbourhoods, particularly against black and minority ethnic young people. To date three other officers were charged with assault. The four officers, who deny the charges, have been suspended.

"Amidst this tension and the growth of the Far-right across France, in the wake of an ongoing humanitarian crisis facing refugees there, activists from Action Antifasciste and Quartier Libre (an organisation which works directly in support of Refugees) will bring a first hand account of these developments to Derry." 

The event is free admission. 

Takes place on Saturday 4th March, Sandino's Bar, Water Street, Derry