Saturday, 22 October 2016

No War But The Class War!

Anarchists in Derry took part in today's anti war demonstration at the city centre war memorial as we have done many times before with a clear anarchist message 'No War But The Class War!' 

All of the speakers quite rightly condemned the continuing atrocities being inflicted upon the people of Syria and the entire Middle East, and the ongoing humanitarian crisis not witnessed on this scale in decades.

Twenty-four hour media manipulation on both sides of the propaganda war has deliberately created mass confusion as to who the real perpetrators truly are as Russia, Europe and United States attempt to gain the high moral ground while thousands are killed, millions left without homes and entire communities devastated. 

Their unofficial policy of endless war and destabilization is an attempt to divert the world's working class into the dead-end of supporting their "own" states in the name of "civilisation", the same civilisation that allows 25,000 children to die every day from malnutrition and preventable diseases. All countries involved are attempting to reignite the flames of nationalism to divert attention away from the crisis of capitalism at home in their own national interests.

Amongst this confusion and chaos elements of the Left have already chosen one side against in bizarre scenes reminiscent of old Cold War battles, as if old scores need settled. For anarchists we make no such alliances. We are anti-imperialist and opposed to the continous wars orchestrated throughout the Middle East between Russia, USA and of course Europe.

Obama and Putin are terrorists, butchers and murderers, no less than their puppets al-Assad or Islamic State. They are all the enemies of working people. As working-class internationalists, we oppose this war and all other imperialist wars, and raise the slogan NO WAR BUT CLASS WAR!

Here in Ireland we must not fall into the trap of hopelessness which many are overcome by through television propaganda fuelled by BBC, RT, FOX, SKY, CNN or RTE. Confusion and demoralisation by relentless images of war, devastation and death can take its toll but small acts of solidarity action on the streets can make an impact. 

Anti War actions such as today's in Derry are important to highlight issues such as Refuelling at Shannon, Palestine, Kurdistan or Refugee solidarity. Acting locally and linking nationally and internationally can create a strong and effective anti-war movement. 

As anarchists, ultimately we call on all workers to reject all forms of nationalism - to unite in their workplaces, to strike in opposition not only to this war but all wars and to help bring about the transformation of society from the barbarism of capitalism to a free, just, and equal society. Only the working class has the power to do this, just as the revolutionary action of the world's working class stopped the First World War 100 years ago. 

Strikes, occupations, formation of community or workers' councils - these were the actions the workers took against that war, and they managed to bring the slaughter to a halt. That is why we continue to call for - No War But Class War!