Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Barricade Bulletin No.1 OUT NOW!

Barricade Bulletin No.1 is now available in various bookshops and libraries around Derry.  If you can't wait or live outside Derry then here's a PDF Version

Friday, 12 August 2016

Stop Repression - Free All Political Prisoners Now!

Anarchists in Derry took part in a series of solidarity actions in a show of international support and solidarity with anarchists and antifascists imprisoned in Russia.  

Last month the Anarchist Black Cross of Moscow issued an international call for solidarity in support of activists currently facing an extremely intensive political and repressive situation in Russia, especially anarchist and antifa comrades and thosse fighting for human rights and social justice issues.  

Many of who have recently found themselves locked up in high security prisons or isolated in modern day forced labor camps across Russia because of their activism. Some of who were also convicted on the basis of forced confessions obtained under torture.

In Derry's Bogside area at Free Derry Corner, local anarchists took part in a banner drop as part of this intenational call to support of our Russian anarchist and anti-fascist comrades in a gesture of international solidarity and to add our voice to call for their immediate release.

Long live anarchy!
Да здравствует анархия!
Ainrialachas abú!

Out Now: Barricade Bulletin No.1

Out this week is a new bi-monthly info bullettin Barricade Bullettin from Derry Anarchists. 

We decided to try and reach others who might be interested in class struggle anarchism around Derry and the North West with the production of our own regular free anarchist bulletin. 

Our first issue will report on recent activity, opinion, interview with a local anarchist, prisoner support as well as a setion on What is Anarchism?

It is our view that Barricade Bulletin will be another tool for reaching others locally who are interested in anarchism and seeking an actual grassroots alternative to sectarian party politics.

The name Barricade Bulletin stems from a similar street bulletin with the same name that was produced locally during the events of Free Derry of the late sixties, early seventies.

It is also our intention to also issue Barricade Bulletin in a PDF format online to friends and supporters from outside of Derry.

If you would like to distribute it locally or contribute to future issues of Barricade Bulletin then let us know.