Monday, 9 March 2015

Victory to the Workers: If you think Capitalism is working try asking someone who isn’t!

More than 200 jobs will be lost when the Insurance Company, Ageas, closes its West Belfast call centre. Call centres are dehumanizing, unrewarding and unpersonal and only those of us desperate for jobs put ourselves through the daily torment of working there.
s who are dependent on Capitalism’s system of wage slavery. The company claims that the West Belfast site has become “increasingly uneconomical”. This is what happens in a neo-liberal society such as the one we live in now. 
They are a disclipinary measure for big business and therefore the government. They create tired, disempowered and apathetic worker

Companies are profit driven, and profit can only mean that someone is being exploited – usually the workers. They do not want steady, stable profits, they want rising profits. A decent wage stands in the way of rising profits, as does a strong workforce which is why most callcentres have been outsourced to countries such as India where the workers are not unionized and can be paid less.

Another place they might go is somewhere where there is a lower corporation tax, so that they can exploit the national economy of the country of their choice as well as their workforce. Companies have no consciences.

They can take away much easier than what they give. While the wages they hand out are nothing compared to the large scale profits they bring in it makes the difference for some families here between being able to heat their house or even eat a proper meal.

Ageas will just pack up and leave while workers, their families and their communities will be left to pick up the pieces, to struggle on in this time of economic hardship which is only being made worse by even more cuts about to be brought in by the Sinn Féin-DUP government.

A protest will be held outside the call centre this Tuesday at 12.30pm.
In short, if you think Capitalism is working try asking someone who isn’t!