Monday, 5 January 2015

Who do they think they are fooling?

In response to the recent bullshit coming out of Stormont:
The State, in all its brutality, has to create certain artificial social antagonisms in order to justify its existence. In the Six Counties, one of these antagonisms is sectarianism; not only are we divided into hostile classes but we are also divided into hostile religions, or cultures etc. Beyond the Green, White and Orange and Red, White and Blue displays, the ruling parties of the north rarely differ in politics. We maintain that the reason for their recent amplified disagreements is that elections are on their way and that this system is based on sectarianism (among other oppressions) and that they must use the foundations on which it stands to ensure their survival in the political foreground.

If one or even both of these ruling parties were to be shafted it can be said with some confidence that nothing would change for the majority of the population. It would more than likely still be a green party on one side and an orange party on the other – or possibly green and orange coalitions - with tit-for-tat politics on loop. While they’re busy putting on a show for us about flags or parades racism is becoming more and more prevalent, the wage gap is increasing and mental health issues are on the rise.

With talk of NI Water being sold and water chargers being introduced in the North it is clear that Sinn Féin are working overtime putting on two shows a night, one north of the border and another south of it. At least the DUP is more honest about who they are; right-wing bigots.

Cuts are on their way and while the mainstream media and the government almost make it look like a victimless policy but the truth is that we are going to be hit hard with them. Political change follows economic change but our rulers are hoping that if they play on sectarianism enough then the political change will stagnate. This can only lead to an increase in sectarianism and we must resist. We must resist everything that divides us as a class; division serves the rulers, not us.

Of course there is always the (slim) chance that smaller left parties and independents come into power but would they really beable to make any difference? As anarchists our answer can only be no.

While classical Marxism maintains that a state dictatorship of the proletariat is necessary to transition to a classless society this negates a critical analysis of the state and its functions. The state, in whatever form, is founded upon slavery, violence, lies, treachery and deceit – and all these things must be used to maintain it. Quite plainly, the state is what it is; the defender of old privilege/creator of new privilege and a means to exploit the masses. A creation of a new state will require a new privilege group of people, or class, whose function is to maintain its rulership.

We cannot use an oppressive tool for our liberation; the means shape the ends. We don’t want a centralised government made up of a minority ruling a majority, no matter how “socialist”. We can’t just pick and choose which power structures we like; they all work to support one and other. Only with the abolition of power can we be free. As an oppressed group of people we should have no interest in swapping one set of masters for another.