Saturday, 31 January 2015

Unmasking InJustice

Last night's meeting organised by the Bloody Sunday March Committee in Derry titled 'Unmasking Injustice' played host to local campaigns for justice, speakers included Francie McGuigan of the ‘Hooded Men’ and Packy Carty of the 'Craigavon Two' campaign.

Again this was yet another well attended and emotional event that shed more light into both past and present terror tactics of the state and what it's capable of in order to assert its control. Sadly, as we now know, such tactics developed here in Ireland have been practiced, taught and implemented the world over by countless regimes today. 

As we prepare for this years Bloody Sunday March for Justice on Sunday 1st February in Derry, it is worth remembering the words of the late Gerry Conlon of the Guildford Four, who even after his release from prison continued to highlight similar campaigns for justice when he said "What happens to one of us, can happen to all of us... "We Should All Be Concerned About This!"

For more information into these ongoing campaigns for justice, please check out the links below.
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