Sunday, 25 January 2015

RESIST: Bloody Sunday 2015

This year marks the 43rd anniversary of Bloody Sunday, a day in which 14 innocent people were murdered on the streets of Derry as the British State sent in Paratroopers to break up a peaceful a civil rights march through the city on 30 January 1972.

Workers Solidarity Movement support the call for people to attend and support all Bloody Sunday commemorative events throughout the week from talks, film screenings and exhibitions which concludes with the annual 'March for Justice' on Sunday 1st February.

For anarchists, socialists or any others who claim to have any sense of social justice today, it is vital that we continue to stand in solidarity with those murdered on Bloody Sunday and in doing so support the continuing struggle as their relatives and the people of Derry march for justice.   In doing so, we take a stand with all who defy state terror and exercise the right to protest, be it here on the streets of Derry or in Ferguson or in Palestine.

For further details of this year’s events, visit:

Bloody Sunday in Derry - Origins & Consequences of a Massacre