Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Not Fooled by Stormont Crisis Talks!

With talks up in Stormont looking as if it is nearer conclusion, fears are growing amongst working class communities across the North that a ‘so-called’ £2 Billion bonanza brokered between the Stormont politicians and the British Government will undoubtedly lead to further cuts in public services, forced jobs losses and of course the implementation of a horrendous and much feared social welfare bill.

Since its introduction, the Bedroom Tax which has already been rolled out in England and Wales has only attacked the most vulnerable in our society. It has traumatised those of us in Social Housing by fracturing families and communities whilst forcing many from into crisis housing.

It is true that the introduction of such policies here will directly impact on Pensioners, Students and those of us on benefits. In the year ahead as the politicians step into their sectarian electoral mode, we have to mobilise to effectively reject any further cuts to our living standards.

For anarchists, this can only be done by genuine workplace and community grassroots organisations, free from the sectarian politics which has clearly dominated all our lives here in the North of Ireland for far too long. We have to ensure that they get the message, we have had enough!