Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Not Fooled by Stormont Crisis Talks!

With talks up in Stormont looking as if it is nearer conclusion, fears are growing amongst working class communities across the North that a ‘so-called’ £2 Billion bonanza brokered between the Stormont politicians and the British Government will undoubtedly lead to further cuts in public services, forced jobs losses and of course the implementation of a horrendous and much feared social welfare bill.

Since its introduction, the Bedroom Tax which has already been rolled out in England and Wales has only attacked the most vulnerable in our society. It has traumatised those of us in Social Housing by fracturing families and communities whilst forcing many from into crisis housing.

It is true that the introduction of such policies here will directly impact on Pensioners, Students and those of us on benefits. In the year ahead as the politicians step into their sectarian electoral mode, we have to mobilise to effectively reject any further cuts to our living standards.

For anarchists, this can only be done by genuine workplace and community grassroots organisations, free from the sectarian politics which has clearly dominated all our lives here in the North of Ireland for far too long. We have to ensure that they get the message, we have had enough!

Friday, 12 December 2014

All We Want For Christmas is..

Just in case anyone wants to get us something…

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Fight The Charges: We Can Win!

On Wednesday tens of thousands of people took to the streets of Dublin to protest against the government’s latest attempt to bleed the working class dry. The Anti-Water Charge protest effectively shut down the city as the capital came to a standstill.

A delegation from the Belfast branch of the Workers Solidarity Movement travelled to Dublin in a gesture of solidarity and protested in with our comrades in the south. The fight for working class liberation is not contained within these artificial, man-made borders; struggle and solidarity know no borders. We should fight injustice wherever it is present.

just as in the six counties, people across the South already pay for their water despite the fact that in many areas it is undrinkable and that the infrastructure is in serious need of repair. Here we have been told by the establishment that water chargers have been deferred until 2016. Last October, DUP MLA, Trevor Clarke, stated that “[Water charges] could end up back on the table for consideration much sooner.” This combined with reports of attempted water meter installations in areas of Belfast and in Derry should serve as a wake up call.

For anarchists we are clear as to where our allegiances lie and its not with the politicians up in Stormont. The only difference between our ruling parties is the colour of their election posters. There is no difference in their pay slips, but there is between our and theirs! One thing is for sure is what is in our best interest is not in theirs.

This is not just another tax and the issue is much bigger than water. Water is vital to our existence and while they have taxed us for everything else they are literally trying to make us pay for our fundamental human right to water; to existence.

The Earth and all its resources belong to all its inhabitants not just the tiny elite of the wealthy. It’s not good enough that people are dying on our streets; it’s not good enough that we have homeless people and peopleless homes from a situation that they created.

We are all entitled to safe, secure, suitable and comfortable housing – your country of origin shouldn’t make a difference, people shouldn’t have to live in dire, hopeless situations in the Direct Provision centers because they don’t speak the same language or look the same as us. Likewise pregnant people shouldn’t have to be put into situations where they can’t even afford an abortion let alone a child.

The most vulnerable in our society, the working class, are under attack and we have to say loud and clear that enough is enough!

Sunday, 7 December 2014

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