Monday, 9 June 2014

Hands Off Our Homes!

Did you know that plans are afoot to privatise YOUR housing. If you are a Housing Executive tenant you should know that under current proposals by Housing Minister McCausland the total privatisation of social housing across Northern Ireland is taking place. The proposals are to break up the Housing Executive, giving our public stock over to Housing Associations. These Housing Associations could possibly be local although there is a good chance they will be from mainland UK where unfortunately this kind of abolishment of public housing is common place. Our new potential landlord could be from Manchester, Wales, Scotland. ..Who knows at this point. The Housing Executive has 88000 homes, yes homes not financial units as these new landlords will see it. 

Once the Housing Executive is privatised what will this mean for us and our home. .....increase of rent, your new landlord will have borrowed money from a financial Institution. This of course will have to be paid back and also cover their increasing overheads therefore a surge in rent, sometimes as much as 35 percent. 

Withdrawal of local services. is more cost effective to remove local offices and points of contact replacing them with call centres and online services.

 Public meeting on Tuesday 10th June at 7pm in St Joseph's Parish Centre, Galliagh, Derry.

Public meeting Wednesday 11th June at 7pm

Please come along to find out about the changes to social housing and what it will mean for us all.
You are the major stakeholder and you must demand your right to vote!