Thursday, 30 January 2014

Launch of Eamonn McCann’s booklet on Bloody Sunday

Please Note late confirmation: this event is in Central Library at 1:30 (Today) Thursday 30th Jan. 2014

The Bloody Sunday March Committee is delighted to be publishing a new booklet by Eamonn McCann on the implications of Bloody Sunday for today.  It will be launched as part of this year’s programme of events.
Eamonn McCann was a prominent figure in the Civil Rights campaign and was on the anti-internment march on 30th January 1972 as Bloody Sunday unfolded before his eyes. He wrote the first pamphlet on the killings, entitled “What Happened In Derry”, which was published in February 1972. He attended the British Government’s notorious Widgery Tribunal in April 1972 and within a week of its findings, his pamphlet “The Widgery Whitewash” was in print.

He went on to write two books on the subject, including the seminal “Bloody Sunday In Derry What Really Happened” published by Brandon in 1992 as well as a number of other pamphlets and scores of newspaper articles on the massacre. He also wrote and produced three television programmes on the subject.

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Monday, 27 January 2014

Denizen: Staged Reading For Dave Duggan Play

Dramatist and novelist, Dave Duggan, will stage a reading of his new play – Denizenat the Millennium Forum on Sunday February 9 2014.

His previous theatre work has been seen across Ireland and in New York, Edinburgh, Liverpool and Afghanistan. RTÉ and BBC have produced his radio and on-line drama. His film and television work includes the Oscar nominated Dance Lexie Dance (Raw Nerve Productions, 1996).

Denizen by Dave Duggan is a new courtroom drama, written in verse, in which the last dissident, appearing in the court of public opinion, faces the question: can violence, by the State or by citizens, build a future? This work draws upon the long tradition of the application of dramatic art to difficult questions, in particular to questions of war, conflict, violence and peace.

The play will be read by actor Lloyd Hutchinson. Lloyd recently played The Hobo and Tiresias in Field Day's Sam Shepard premier at The Playhouse.
Dave Duggan said: 'This reading is a milestone in the development of a full-scale production. I'm delighted that Lloyd Hutchinson has agreed to read the part of Denizen. Orla Mullan and Sorcha Shanahan will read also. Sorcha played Red Maisie in my theatre and film piece McLaughlins 100, set in a hardware shop last year.'

Dave added: 'One of the possibilities of theatrical art is to present in public things that are difficult to talk about. Like political violence. The staged reading gives me a chance to develop this work.'
DENIZEN, written and directed by Dave Duggan in a staged reading, produced by Blue Eagle Productions and Nerve Centre, with the support of The Culture Company.

The performance takes place in the Danske Bank Studio, The Millennium Forum, Sunday February 9 2014, 7.30pm. Tickets are priced at £5.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Bloody Sunday: Justice... It Concerns Us All!

As the relatives of those murdered and injured on Bloody Sunday gathered this week to launch this year's commemorative events, anarchists in the city echoed their call by encouraging everyone interested in standing up for human rights and social justice to support the annual 'march for justice' which will take place on Sunday 2nd February.

This year marks the 42nd anniversary of Bloody Sunday which unfolded on the streets of Derry back in January 30th 1972. In order to teach an unruly population a lesson in power and control, the State ordered an elite commando unit of the Parachute Regiment into Derry's Bogside, fresh from a similar venture on the streets of West Belfast's Ballymurphy, in an attempt to prevent a peaceful anti-internment march from reaching the city centre. In the scenes that followed, paratroopers murdered 14 innocent unarmed civilians and wounded a further 26. Each year the March for Justice retraces the steps of the original march from the Creggan to the Bogside for a rally, which gives voice to many other justice campaigns.

This year's planned events include the London community activist Stafford Scott who will give an insight into the context and alarming events surrounding the killing of Mark Duggan in Tottenham, London in 2011 and give his reaction into the verdict of 'Lawful Killing' made by the Royal Courts of Justice.

There will also be a number of public discussions on the experiences of current campaigns in search of lessons and insights that help us resist the outrages of the present and build a future without injustice. They are said to include representatives from Shell To Sea and the Belfast Not for Shale, as well as a number of other campaigns.

The Workers Solidarity Movement continues to stand in solidarity with the Bloody Sunday families who continues to struggle for justice to this day. We support and encourage all to attend this year's 'March for Justice' on Sunday 2nd February, to stand with all who defy state terror and exercise the right to protest wherever they maybe.

For a full list of movies, exhibitions and debates please go to the Bloody Sunday 'March for Justice website

Bloody Sunday March for Justice Programme

Bloody Sunday in Derry - Origins & Consequences of a Massacre

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Launch of mural by Acclaimed Artist Robert Ballagh

 The launch in Glenfada Park of a new mural based on artist Robert Ballagh’s “The Third of May – After Goya, 1970″.

In this work Ballagh was making direct reference to Francisco Goya’s anti-war painting “The Third of May 1808 in Madrid” (El tres de mayo de 1808 en Madrid) below.

Goya sought to commemorate Spanish resistance to Napoleon’s armies during the occupation of 1808 in the Peninsular War.  His paintings have inspired many anti-war works  the most famous of which is Picasso’s “Geurnica”.

Ballagh was responding to redeployment of British Troops on to the streets of Derry and Belfast in August 1969.
He has given  permission for his 1970 work  to be adapted for this years events surrounding the on-going campaign for justice and will launch the new version adapted by local artists.
Introducing Ballagh will be Eamonn McCann of the Bloody Sunday March Committee.

Source: Bloody Sunday March For Justice

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Bloody Sunday: March For Justice 2014

In keeping with the aspirations of the original civil rights movement and the spirit of successive Bloody Sunday commemorations, the march and programme of events for 2014 will act as an inclusive platform for the many seemingly disparate campaigns that concern the people of these islands and beyond. As in previous years it will be a moment to come together, make connections and raise our issues and voices in debate and solidarity.

We are living in a time when ordinary people are being coerced by government and corporate institutions. A time when our natural resources are being systemically ravaged and exploited by multi-nationals for the benefit of the few. A time when the values of accountants and bankers dictate how we all live our lives, and it’s us who are being made to pay the bill for their greed, while they continue to grab more and more.

Throughout Ireland and Britain working people and those struggling to find work are being harassed by employers who seize the opportunity to roll back equality and fairness in pursuit of greater profit. Everything is calculated, costed and measured by ‘the market’, and it says ordinary people’s lives and concerns don’t matter! We see the old tactic of divide and rule diverting anger & frustration into sectarian, racist and sexist support for demands to drive somebody out of somewhere. Now, more than ever, we need to make common cause with all those struggling for justice in its many aspects.

Against this backdrop of right wing policies and so called ‘austerity’, the unresolved justice questions of our past continue to make the headlines. Many long years after their loved ones were taken from them, relatives and friends still calling for truth and justice are increasingly being met with counter voices saying: no to investigations, no to prosecutions and no to inquiries and inquests. Through its surrogates the state tells us we as a society need to move on. Justice and accountability for past events is considered to be too expensive and we are told: we can’t afford justice for the dead, think only of the living. Those who challenge that view are systematically isolated, alienated and even demonised.

In this context this year’s programme begins with the launch of an exhibition by the families of those ‘disappeared’ by the IRA in the course of the conflict (Pilots Row, Monday, 27th Jan.)

Events then shift to the Nerve Centre where film screenings will explore amongst other things, the British Army’s ‘Military Reaction Force’, a secret terrorist unit operating in Belfast in 1973 (Thur 30th). Then on Friday evening (31st), Professor of criminology at Queens University Phil Scraton will deliver a talk on the extent of the British state’s coverup of responsibility for the Hillsborough Football Stadium disaster (Sheffield 1989).

These events set up the two panel discussions in Pilot’s Row on Sat, 1st Feb. The first event will explore different approaches to dealing with the violent acts perpetrated in the course of the conflict. The second will give voice to a range of contemporary campaigns for social and environmental justice including, Shell to Sea (Co. Mayo) and opposition to Fracking (Leitrim & Fermanagh) as well as opposition to the so called ‘Austerity Cuts’ on both sides of the border

The march will assemble on Sunday 2nd Feb. at 2.30pm at the Creggan shops, Central Drive, Derry.

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Coverage of Press Conference at the City Hotel in Derry:  CLICK HERE!

Solidarity with Mark Duggan Campaign in Derry

Good to see that the Mark Duggan family/campaign for Justice will be represented at this years annual Bloody Sunday March for Justice here in Derry.

For further details of this years Annual Bloody Sunday March for Justice, click onto the following link.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

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