Sunday, 13 October 2013

Give Poots The Boot!: Protest to take Religion out of our Health Care

Take religion out of our Health Care!
Equal rights for gays and straights!
Equal rights for women!

Edwin Poots, the DUP Health Minister is once again in the spotlight regarding his bigotry. A few days ago, a High Court judge accused Poots of breaching the ministerial code with regards to his policy on banning gay men from giving blood. 

The Gay Blood ban is very simply, a bigoted discriminatory ban, which remains in Northern Ireland (the rest of the UK have lifted it) because of Mr Poots personal prejudices. He is enforcing his own religious views on to government policy. The ban, is homophobic, it sends out a grossly homophobic message, and so helps to keep homophobia alive and well in Northern Ireland. It is a disgrace, it should be lifted, and Poots should resign. 
Guildhall Square,
Thurs. 17th Oct.
@ 1.30pm

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