Saturday, 15 June 2013

They Are G8 - We are 7 Billion: March & Rally Belfast

The red carpet will be rolled out to welcome the G8 leaders to Fermanagh. We are supposed to be honoured by the presence of the rulers of the world’s richest nations and ignore their connivance with the reality of hunger, war, greed and the oil addiction which threatens the planet.

This is not how it needs to be. We believe Another World is Possible and we encourage you to think globally and act locally to make it happen.

Join us for what is sure to be one of the largest mass mobilisations of people power Belfast has seen and help ensure that the G8 leaders know that we don’t honour them and won’t ignore their role in making the world what it is.

This will be a peaceful and colourful mass protest so be creative and noisy!

For more information contact:
02890 247940