Thursday, 27 June 2013

Rossport - Spy Cameras & Pirates

Day 3 (Monday) of the week of action against Shell in Erris  saw more spy cameras on the perimeter of the Shell compound at Aughoose destroyed overnight & anti-Shell slogans was painted on the walls and gates. During the day itself a Shell survery boat was successfully blockaded by Shell to Sea Kayaks although a couple of Kayaks were dragged along by the boat and capsized.

It appears a considerable number of additional security and Garda have been brought in, at one time there were 35 Garda in the carpark of the church just up the road from the Rossport Solidarity Camp. Special Branch were again observered cruising around. The campaign brought people new to the areas were brought on tours around the compound at Lenamore and Glengad. (Photo shows IRMS security inside the section of the Aughoose compound that was occupied yesterday).

There is lots of room on the camp for anyone inspired by the actions over the weekend who wants to head down, new people are welcome and there are lots of support roles you can do if you are not sure about risking arrest (so far there have been no arrests).