Monday, 20 May 2013

Stand up to the G8 anarchist scare smears - SHARE this post

The northern media has started to actively invent stories about anarchists to whip up fear in advance of next months G8 summit in Fermanagh. This is a part of a process of creating a climate of fear designed to justify suspension of civil liberties and the suppression of protest.

This is todays Irish News with a groundless story about anarchists planning to occupy 100's of buildings in Belfast (we wish!). Expect more of the same in the weeks to come.

We will be providing anarchists news from the G8 protests just as we have for thousands of others. You can help us counteract the crazy media hype to come by following our Workers Solidarity Movement (Ireland) page and by SHARING & LIKING this post.

With this story we'd suggest to the Irish News they should be asking why millions are being spent guarding empty buildings rather than being used to open them up to provide resources to the community & housing.

If you want to understand why the Irish News is running such a daft story we suggest you read