Monday, 6 May 2013

May Day 2013 - The Struggle Continues!

Derry Anarchists took part in this years annual Trades Council organised May Day events, which took place on Saturday 4th May.

Prior to this years march and rally, the call went out by the local  Alliance for Choice group for activists to take part in their section of the march to help make the pro-choice movement more visible on the streets of the city.

Despite the fact that several community campaigns from the anti-incineration group to the relatives against care-home closures who injected an extremely vocal presence on the day, the size of the overall turn out at this years event wasn't great for a city with a such a strong labour tradition as Derry.

All this in the midst of increasing attacks on our class, by yet another Stormont regime who have absolutely no difficulty in implementing Tory policy 'austerity cuts' on the likes of essential health, education and welfare services.  

These attacks are clearly on those who are viewed as the most vulnerable within this society, 'austerity cuts' on those of us who are increasingly dependent on welfare payments, disability and housing benefits.  

Over the coming weeks and months ahead as the battle against the cuts unfolds, it is vital that we add our voice to the campaigns developing within our communities and workplaces, to ensure that they are not manipulated by those parties and wanna-be-politicians who seek nothing more than publicity stunts for electoral gain on the backs of ordinary working class struggles. 

For more photographs of this years May Day event, click on to our facebook page: Derry May Day 2013