Monday, 27 May 2013

Oppose the G8 dealers of austerity

The media charm offensive has began as our local corrupt political class roll out the the red carpet to the notorious gang of eight, dealers of austerity, state terror and imperialism.  The beautiful tranquil lakes of Fermanagh will be turned into a ring of steel’ with security fencing extending for miles protected by an army of professional thugs and watchtowers to keep the rest of us plebs at bay.

Anyone with any illusions in the liberal democratic state should take note as the gloves are off and it's business as usual for the rich and wealthy elite. The G8 summit provides the British state along with their junior administrators at Stormont an opportunity to showcase the 'normality' of the new era disguising a mask of repressive instruments from unmanned drones, to army patrols and temporary cells at Maghaberry prison to deal with any dissent.
An additional 3,600 police officers will be drafted in from across the UK to assist the 7,000 PSNI officers placing the area in virtual lockdown with widespread stop and search, all serving to disrupt the lives of local people going about their everyday business.
To justify this police state and enormous cost to the taxpayer the whipping up of fear and scaremongering will only intensify with the gutter press playing the role of subserviently printing security force smear stories.  From the ‘dissident republican’ threat to the ‘anarchist menace’ is an all too familiar smear campaign leading up to these spectacles. The estimated £50 million cost of the policing operation could be better spent on alleviating poverty, mass unemployment and providing affordable housing but this is not the priority for our local politicians. Wining and dining with the  richest and wealthiest elite is!
For other sections of the reformist toothless left it is a chance to resurrect the usual front groups and recruit new members while republican groups will be outdoing each other to see who can oppose ‘British normalisation’ more effectively. The fact that our ruling class is confident enough to host this summit, which would have been unthinkable ten years ago highlights the containment and weakness of armed republicanism as posing a significant threat to the status quo.
For anarchists, it is important to oppose this summit both from a revolutionary class analysis and anti imperialist basis recognising that the solution to this criminal system is ourselves the working class organised at the coalface of struggle in our communities and workplaces across the sectarian divide.
Any opposition to the terror summit must respect a  diversity in tactics instead of allowing the state and its propaganda organ to determine what is acceptable or unacceptable protest as this only serves the agenda of the status quo. We must remember the state is biggest practitioner of violence from the decades of state collusion here to the recent invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan.
The G8 summits effectively decide what sort of world you and your children get to live in. Behind closed doors decisions are made that mean our environment is sacrificed for profit, a system  whose role it is to preserve.
It is important to oppose the G8 and its savage neo-liberal agenda.  This provides a rare opportunity to challenge the mainstream political discourse, to debate ideas and struggles and the type of world we want to build - one based on serving the needs and desires of the majority not the global wealthy elite.  
The reality is this latest summit, in comparison with previous ones, is unlikely to produce the same level of militant opposition and disruption on the streets.  The state can and will easily contain and repress any opposition during these spectacles especially any ritual marching from A-B to listen to a few speeches then home again.
The challenge is to build a mass movement from below based on self-management, solidarity and direct action which will strike fear into the ruling class involving tens of thousands of people street by street, workplace by workplace.
Ultimately, this is where the real organising and our potential power lies - in confronting their brutal anti-working class agenda.  Capitalism is a violent social relationship based on exploitation and domination that is played out in our everyday lives.  It cannot be overthrown by smashing a Starbucks window or grovelling to our masters. The G8 summit is merely a symbol of this which needs to be swept away along with whole rotten system they represent. This is not a demand we make of the G8- the world we need cannot come from above by pleading with them to be reasonable but must be won through struggle of all of us below.

Words: Sean Matthews

Monday, 20 May 2013

In Memory of Captain Jack White - May 22nd

This year marks the centenary of the Dublin Lock Out back in 1913 which was one of many historical labour struggles that occurred in this 'decade of centenaries'. Throughout the year there will be many events planned to examine, remember and celebrate similar significant historical battles of struggle for the Irish labour movement.

On May 22nd we remember Irish Anarchist and Co-founder of the Irish Citizens Army, Captain Jack White. Born May 22nd, 1879 in Broughshane, Co. Antrim and as a tribute to him below is a list of links dedicated to him and his memory.

A brief History of Jack White:

Jack White Picture Gallery:

Alan MacSim├│in on Jack White:

The anarchist views of Captain Jack White:

New Centenary Edition of MISFIT by Captain Jack White (Co-Founder of the Irish Citizen Army):

Launch Of 'Misfit': Autobiography of Captain Jack White:

The Third History – What Happened To Captain Jack White’s papers?:

1916 - Connolly, blood sacrifice and defeating British imperialism:

Web Guide to 20th Century Ireland - James White (1874-1940?) :

G8 Media Hysteria: Don't Believe the Hype!

We are following up the crazy front page story in the Irish News with both the journalist who wrote it and the paper over on Twitter - follow us over there to see their answers (if they give any) and ask questions of your own. We are at

Stand up to the G8 anarchist scare smears - SHARE this post

The northern media has started to actively invent stories about anarchists to whip up fear in advance of next months G8 summit in Fermanagh. This is a part of a process of creating a climate of fear designed to justify suspension of civil liberties and the suppression of protest.

This is todays Irish News with a groundless story about anarchists planning to occupy 100's of buildings in Belfast (we wish!). Expect more of the same in the weeks to come.

We will be providing anarchists news from the G8 protests just as we have for thousands of others. You can help us counteract the crazy media hype to come by following our Workers Solidarity Movement (Ireland) page and by SHARING & LIKING this post.

With this story we'd suggest to the Irish News they should be asking why millions are being spent guarding empty buildings rather than being used to open them up to provide resources to the community & housing.

If you want to understand why the Irish News is running such a daft story we suggest you read

Sunday, 19 May 2013

All-Ages Anti Fascist Nite in Derry

Derry AFA will be hosting an all ages Ska, Reggie and Soul night in Masons on June 1st.

Come along for a great night of music and Craic.
£2 entry fee

Keep Derry Fascist Free !

Derry Organising Against the G8

Out of the meeting on resisting the G8 on Saturday, activists locally are planning to take several buses from Derry to protest in Fermanagh on 17th June.

If you would like to come along and take part then please book your place on the buses soon.

more info will be posted up shortly or you can keep up to date by logging on to:

Friday, 10 May 2013

James Connolly – Anarchist connections

In Mairtin O’Cathain’s book ‘With a bent elbow and a clenched fist: A Brief History of the Glasgow Anarchists’, there is a short but fascinating mention of James Connolly.

Connolly’s paper, The Workers Republic, was suppressed by the authorities in December 1914 and O’Cathain writes that it was the “Glasgow Anarchist Group that took over the printing of the paper … and smuggled it into Ireland”. Apparently, the police in Britain raided several anarchist printing presses, including London’s Freedom Press, but never caught the Glasgow group.

In Donal Nevin’s fantastic biography of Connolly, ‘A Full Life’, there is a mention of Glasgow comrades taking over the printing of The Workers Republic. However, Nevin points to Connolly’s old colleagues in the Socialist Labour Party.  More specifically, Arthur MacManus who was the one who did the setting, composing, printing and then smuggled the copies to Dublin using the pseudonym ‘Glass’. (Belfast-born MacManus, son of an Irish fenian, later became the first chairman of the Communist Party of Great Britain and was buried in Red Square, Moscow after his death in 1927.)

As Nevin backs up his claim with a reference to C.Desond Greave’s book ‘The Life and Times of James Connolly’, the evidence stacks in his favour.

Speaking of Connolly, I’ve always liked the story of Antrim-born Anarchist and Irish Citizen Army founder Jack White traveling to the Rhondda and Aberdare valleys in South Wales to try bring the miners out on strike to save his life.

On 25 May, thirteen days after Connolly’s execution, White was charged with trying to ‘sow the seeds of sedition in an area which had nothing to do with the grievances of Ireland either real or imaginary’ and at a time when ‘a peaceful settlement was being arrived at’. He was sentenced to two sentences of three months.

This article originally appeared in Come Here To Me!

Detailed extracts on O’Cathain's book 'The Birth of Glasgow's Anarchism' can be viewed on Libcom

Thursday, 9 May 2013

No Gasification!

To keep up to date on the campaign against the proposed plans to build a "friendly" gasification plant in Derry, visit the

Monday, 6 May 2013

May Day 2013 - The Struggle Continues!

Derry Anarchists took part in this years annual Trades Council organised May Day events, which took place on Saturday 4th May.

Prior to this years march and rally, the call went out by the local  Alliance for Choice group for activists to take part in their section of the march to help make the pro-choice movement more visible on the streets of the city.

Despite the fact that several community campaigns from the anti-incineration group to the relatives against care-home closures who injected an extremely vocal presence on the day, the size of the overall turn out at this years event wasn't great for a city with a such a strong labour tradition as Derry.

All this in the midst of increasing attacks on our class, by yet another Stormont regime who have absolutely no difficulty in implementing Tory policy 'austerity cuts' on the likes of essential health, education and welfare services.  

These attacks are clearly on those who are viewed as the most vulnerable within this society, 'austerity cuts' on those of us who are increasingly dependent on welfare payments, disability and housing benefits.  

Over the coming weeks and months ahead as the battle against the cuts unfolds, it is vital that we add our voice to the campaigns developing within our communities and workplaces, to ensure that they are not manipulated by those parties and wanna-be-politicians who seek nothing more than publicity stunts for electoral gain on the backs of ordinary working class struggles. 

For more photographs of this years May Day event, click on to our facebook page: Derry May Day 2013

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Derry May Day 2013

May Day 2013, Sat 4th May, 2:45pm Guildhall Square, Derry.

Please Note: A message for Derry Alliance for Choicers - we will be on the May Day march on Sat with our banner. Come along and help us make the pro-choice movement visible on the streets. Assemble 2.45 Sat 4th May Guildhall Square. See you there!