Saturday, 28 July 2012

Protest for the right to give blood!

Protest for the right to give blood regardless of sexual orientation.

The rule against gay men being allowed to give blood in Northern Ireland is a blatantly homosexual one and should be challenged not only at Stormont level but also on the streets by the LGBT community. Edwin Poots' stance is 'irrational and unlawful' as well as being completely homophobic.

A protest will take place outside the Playhouse (where the blood donation will be happening) - everyone is encouraged to bring placards, rainbow flags etc.

Gay men are encouraged to take part in a second protest inside the building, where they will offer to give blood. If a lot of gay men show up to give blood then it will ridicule the law even further. There are regular shortages of blood in N.I., yet they turn down willing donors because they are gay.

Everyone is encouraged to be very friendly to the staff and nurses as this is nothing to do with them.

Be there on the second of august and bring all your friends. We need AS MANY people as possible.