Friday, 18 May 2012

Stop and Searched under anti-terror legislation highlighting police harassment

Last night a WSM member along with members of the pressure group 'Republican Network for Unity' was stopped and searched under the Justice & Security Act.  This happened while they were conducting an interview highlighting the growing problem of police harassment in a personal journalistic capacity.

After interviewing RNU member Ciaran Cunningham on the various anti-terror legislation being used to criminalise and intimidate not only political activits but also wider family and friends, we were pulled over by the PSNI and detained for nearly half an hour.  This is just one minor example of the campaign being unleashed across the six-counties against all forms of political opposition.

This week, the PSNI reached a new level when they stopped and searched Ciaran in the grounds of his children’s local school, much to the disgust of parents and teachers.

Despite the so-called new beginning to policing, there has been little change in our communities where dissenters from the status-quo face systematic and sustained police harassment and intimidation.

Despite the cosmetic changes in name, badge and recruitment practices the police’s first line of duty will always been to defend the status quo.  The  devolution of policing and justice powers to a local Stormont minister has merely provided a smokescreen for a heavily armed paramilitary police force, directed and controlled by security agencies such as MI5.

 The police force is the state’s physical and intimidatory means of maintaining a desired status quo in society; one of socio-economic divisions and inequalities. Alexander Berkman stated that crime “is the result of economic conditions, of social inequality, of wrongs and evils of which government and monopoly are parents”.

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