Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Report on WSM public meeting in Belfast on anarchism, the future and text of talk

The WSM organised a successful public meeting on Saturday in Na Croisbhealai workers co-op on the topic of anarchists-who we are and what we are up to.  Leading up to the event leaflets and posters were distributed at the annual Mayday march and other meetings in the city. A similar meeting was held recently in Dublin which was attended by 80 plus people and the WSM aims to hold similar meetings across the country so feel free to get in touch.

 The first speaker was Alan MacSimoin from the Irish Anarchist History archives who provided a comprehensive analysis of the early origins of anarchism in Ireland, both North and South within the workers movement and touched upon the struggles anarchists are involved in today.  If you would like to find out further info on Belfast anarchism please check out http://www.wsm.ie/c/belfast-anarchism-wee-black-booke

The next presentation was given by a WSM member in the North who provided a brief account of anarchist activity in Belfast and across the North.  The edited text of the talk can be read below.

There was a brief and constructive discussion and debate from the floor including an account of WSM activity in Derry such as the recent makeover of Free Derry corner in memory of John McGuffin who took part in the Civil Rights Movement and actively campaigned against state repression and internment in the North.

The WSM aims to increase its activity and presence in Northern Ireland/six counties now and in the future so if you are interested in getting involved or join get in touch with us.

Text of talk on anarchism & the WSM: