Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Derry Protest aganist Employment Supported Allowance Cuts!

Independent Workers Union has organised a protest against the Tory government's cruel campaign against the unwell. Cameron and Co. claim that they can simply remove 40% from the list of those in need of long term sickness benefits. 

Defend yourself      -    What to do when they come for you!

In Derry the Tories have sent in a special squad to carry out the work and hence the reference to 'Cameron's miracle cure'.

Get a full photocopy of your original ESA questionnaire

Get a full copy of the health care professionals report straight away - you are entitled by law to have a copy of this and a copy also of the Decision Makers report

If you do not have these "demand" them from the DWP Jobcentre Plus as per the telephone number on the letter that advised you of your failed result.

Photocopy absolutely everything you do in writing with DWP or ATOS

You have one month to appeal your decision (get Appeal Form GL24) so get to your GP as soon as possible and ask him/her for a brief cover note of your history of health issues and photocopy this and attach the original to the Appeal Form GL24

There is never enough room on GL24 , you can use as many plain sheets outlining your condition and the reasons why you think the decision is unfair

Ask as many questions as you can as to why the decision maker scored or as is the case underscored you.  Keep a record of these questions, even if you do not get answers , this may give weight and advantage to you if you have to go to Tribunal.

You must also inform them when you telephone that you "Are" appealing against the decision they (DWP) should then put you onto the ESA Assessment rate of £67.50 weekly usually payable fortnightly, so you will have a little money coming in . 


Get in contact with your nearest advice centre:

Rosemount Resource Centre, 1a Westway, Creggan     028 7128 829
Dove House, 32 Meenan Square, Bogside             028 7126 9327    
Citizens Advice Bureau, 3 Strand Rd                       028 7136 2444
Gailliagh Independent Advice Centre, 55 Fergleen Pk   028 7135 8370
Carnhill Resource Centre, Racecourse Road                    028 7135 2832

For more info and details on how to join locally: