Sunday, 8 January 2012

Interview with Na Croisbhealai workers co-operative - organising without bosses in Belfast

Na Croisbhealai workers-co-op is the latest centre to emerge in Belfast along with the Warzone centre providing a practical example of workers self-management in action. Located in the city centre the café offers a space to organise and agitate under every shade of the political left, and a delicious international cuisine from all corners of the globe courtesy of its chef Hugh Corcoran. In the same building is Fresh Claim photography hosting a range of impressive photos and colourful portraits from conflict zones across the world including the recent troubles in Ireland.  Below is an interview with Jack Corcoran from the collective who talks about how it organises without bosses and its role in building a better society for all.

Could you tell me a bit about the history of the Na Croisbhealai workers co-op and why did you decide to get involved?

Na Croisbhealaí Workers Co-Op started in June 2011 and was born out of the idea of the Belfast Youth Assembly which one of our members was trying to organise. Through research on youth assemblies and Squats in the Basque Country came the idea of a Café/Restaurant and social centre to be run as a workers Co-Op and to create a space for radical thinking and organising which is something lacking in Ireland. I became involved in the Co-Op as I was inspired at the idea to set up workers Co-operatives and social centres aimed at the left in Belfast, I agreed originally that I would volunteer to help get the Café started and from there got fully involved in the project as a worker and organiser.

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