Thursday, 5 January 2012

100 Years of Bread and Roses - A night of song

On Thursday night (Thursday, 12 January 2012) will see some of the best of Derry talent - including Diane Greer and Paddy Nash, Abby Oliveira, Eileen Webster and special guests sing songs of struggle.

It's 100 years on 12th January since the strike of textile workers in Lawrence Massachussets began. The strike, organised by the Industrial Workers of the World ("the Wobblies"), saw thousands of workers, from virtually every country of the "old world", men and women together but with women in the lead. The strike began when the mill owners tried to cut wages which were already starvation level. It became known as the "Bread and Roses" strike because a placard carried by one of the striking women read "We Want Bread, But Roses Too!" 

It became a rallying cry of the strike, and then of other industrial organizing efforts, signifying that the largely unskilled immigrant population involved wanted not just economic benefits but recognition of their basic humanity, human rights, and dignity.

 The event will take place in Sandinos Back Room in Derry's Water Street at 9pm