Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Women's Rights are Human Rights

This Saturday 10th December is UN Human Rights Day and Women Activists for Social Justice are celebrating the women throughout the world who organise in creative ways to oppose the many forms of violence perpetrated against them

Saturday 10th December
Unison building
Clarendon St, Derry

Speakers will include -

Patricia Campbell - Amnesty International Belfast
working to ensure women's voices are heard in the new democracy in Egypt and that women's rights aren't traded for security in Afghanistan

Roberta Bacik - Chilean activist
     using quilt making to tell the stories of  women combating violence 

Donna Mc Feely - Youth Action Derry
using comics and drama in the campaign opposing violence against women.

The talk is free. Refreshments provided. Everyone welcome.

Women Activists for Social Justice is a network of women in Derry and Donegal concerned about social justice and the future of feminism in Ireland. We are not funded by any statutory organisation and are non party political. (image is of recent mural unveiled at Free Derry Corner by WASJ as part of the 16 days of Activism Against Violence Against Women)

November 30th Strike Action in Derry

Derry Anarchists took part in today's action organised by the various Public Sector Unions.

At the beginning of today's events we put our banner 'Solidarity Is Strength' in the city centre's main street, Shipquay Street before we headed onwards to the picket lines.
We then attended the main rally in Derry's Guildhall Square as several thousand workers gathered to hear a number of union representatives condemn continued attacks on pensions and services as our banner hung above them on the main platform.

Through out the rally we then distributed almost 400 flyers produced by the Workers Solidarity Movement which outlined an anarchist response to the current situation facing workers today.

All in all this was a very successful day of action and just the beginning of a series of industrial action by workers against increasing austerity measures being implemented.

As stated in the WSM leaflet distributed in Belfast and Derry
‘Solidarity and support for strike action needs to built across all workplaces unionised or not and in our communities where we are feeling the impact of these devastating cuts on our standard of living if we want to win. In the short-term we need to be organising for rolling strike action including go-slows and ultimately an indefinite general strike. Such action is needed because history shows us that those at the top will concede little of significance without such mass resistance.
Lobbying politicians and marching from A-B has limited returns and can even add to the pervading sense of powerlessness. Politicians, like our trade union leadership, cannot be trusted and will work to police and sabotage any affective action. Taking back control of OUR unions from below is part and parcel of the fight to defend what we have won over the years.’

Be seeing you at the barricades!

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