Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Columbian Trade Unionist speaks - Derry Public Meeting

Javier Orozco Peñaranda is a former member of the national executive of Colombia's main trade union federation, the CUT. He has been a refugee in Spain since 2001, when a death-squad put a price on his head. He is now coordinator of efforts to secure asylum in Spain for refugees from violence in Colombia.

Javier Orozco will be speaking in Sandino’s at 4pm at a meeting organised by Grupo Raices, the Colombian solidarity organisation in Ireland. The meeting is sponsored by a number of local trade unionists and by the human rights group, the Pat Finucane Centre.

A spokesman for Grupo Raices said: “The film-makers faced obstruction and serious threats while they were in Colombia. Nevertheless, the film manages to cover the situation across a broad swathe of the country. In all of the places covered, they corroborated the systematic abuse of the people by the military and their death squads.

“But most importantly, they give a voice to those who struggle every day for a just Colombia, for a new country which belongs equally to all of its offspring.”

Both the TUC and the Irish Congress of Trades Unions have joined in international appeals for an end to violence against Colombian unions, indigenous peoples and community organisations. 

Sandino's Bar (Upstairs)
Sat. 5th November at 4pm