Sunday, 18 September 2011

International meeting of anarchism from 9 to 12 August 2012

From 9 to 12 August 2012 will be held in St-Imier (Bernese Jura, CH) an international meeting of all libertarians hair and all those wishing to know more or know the various anarchist movement.

The « World of anarchism » is actually a commemoration of the first international anti-authoritarian which was organized in 1872 in response to the International Marx. Since the world has changed somewhat, at least in some ways, the libertarian currents have evolved over time and this meeting will be representative. One thing is certain, time has not diminished the oppression of the powerful vis-à-vis the weakest. This meeting will present multiple means of resistance in various forms and various.

The Jura Federation :

The International Workers Association (AIT) is based in 1864. Soon sections are created in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Le Locle, St. Imier and the rest of the Swiss Jura. Many workers who adhere are still working-makers to take home. They have a love of reading and independence. When 1869 comes Bakunin in the region, their meeting is not without consequence. The convergence of ideas, they discover that they will make the Jura Federation libertarian pole of the AIT, which is opposed to the Marxist. Infuriated by this opposition Marx is doing all it can to eliminate this current.

In 1872, he believes many do so. At the Hague Congress, he managed to bring delegates up-ed that are acquired, some babies are supposed to represent-ed sections that are nonexistent. With this majority voting dummy he exclusion of Bakunin and James Guillaume and lack of a few votes for that of Adhemar Schwitzguebel all-your-ed delegates of the Jura. Shocked, sections of anti-authoritarian tendency of the AIT, including Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, USA, organized a conference in St. Imier where resolutions are clearly libertarian. The anti-authoritarian AIT survive the Marxist branch until the end of the century. 140 years after the convention appearance of the town, exploitation and alienation of workers, keynote speakers are just as brutal. The Marxist illusion dissipated in view of the communist dictatorships. Capitalism lives from crisis to crisis, social crisis, political crisis, plus the ecological crisis now.

And the anarchist movement?

These international meetings in August 2012 will be an opportunity to review the history of the anarchist movement, its ideas, its achievements, its hopes, its defeats, what remains today; the battles that are his and those he shares with others: anti-militarism, racism, sexism, self-management, decay, education, feminism, internationalism, non-violence, etc.. A number of workshops and events are of 'already planned: historical lectures, thematic conferences, theater, concerts, exhibitions, films, book fairs, radio, libertarian camp, fair self-management and organic products, workshops, restaurants, etc.. This international event will be public and wants to be open to the entire international anarchist movement but also to the entire population without discrimination. Free zones and free price will be promoted to enable each person to be able to participate. The organizing committee reserves the right to host such and such participant. Decisions will be made based on the ideas and practices that we are clean and which are those of the International anti-authoritarian. The expression and manifestation of racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia and all forms of violence and discrimination will not be tolerated. Based on what has been said, any person, structure or organization may request to join this initiative and suggest places for exhibitions, debates, lectures, performances, speakers, workshops, etc..

We are also looking for volunteers!
The Organizing Committee for the International Meeting on Anarchism St. Imier 2012