Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The Provisional IRA: From Insurrection to Parliament

Another book launch again organised by the Gasyard Feile 'The Provisional IRA: From Insurrection to Parliament' by Tommy McKearney will take place in Sandinos, Thursday 11th August.

The book analyses the Provsional IRA's formation, development, and prospects for the future. "Tommy McKearney's story is one of those 'must read' books for anyone interested either in the struggle within Northern Ireland itself or in the overall relationship between England and Ireland"- Tim Pat Coogan.
The event will be chaired by Eamonn McCann and will kick off at 7pm.

Tommy McKearney was a senior member of the Provisional IRA from the early 1970s until his arrest in 1977. Sentenced to life imprisonment, he served 16 years during which time he participated in the 1980 hunger strike in the Maze. He is now a freelance journalist and an organiser with the Independent Workers Union.