Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Brendan Lillis now held in Belfast City Hospital

It has now been confirmed that Brendan Lillis is currently being held in the City Hospital in Belfast.  Late last night his partner Roisin confirmed that he was receiving urgent medial care under tight security.

Late yesterday evening, Roisin arrived back from a brief hospital visit with Brendan. In a message she said that Brendan had now two fluid drips inserted and was in agony from being moved earlier in the day.  It is still unclear whether or not Brendan would be sent back to Maghaberry on completion of this period in hospital.  People in Derry we are well aware of just how cruel the state can be in relation to the treatment of prisoners.

Back in 1994 Pol Kinsella died in the Long Kesh after suffering from long term illness rather than being released into the care of his own family. It was Pol’s father who later stated that his son ‘died after suffering an illness, barbaric treatment and neglect in Long Kesh.’ Our only hope is that this will not be allowed to happen to Brendan.

On Friday afternoon at 1pm there will be a gathering in support of Brendan Lillis immediate release at Guildhall Square, Derry.