Monday, 11 July 2011

Prison Protests Escalates

Despite a media black-out of a deteriorating situation in Maghaberry prison, a dirty protest has commenced by republican prisoners taking the situation to another level not witnessed in the north since the 1970's.

Last week in Derry City centre, another solidarity protest was held by a number of local women activists from various backgrounds.  The women themselves came together to highlight their opposition to strip searching in Maghaberry prison as well as to draw attention to plight of Marian Price.

Following the protest the women said “We feel strongly that issues so sensitive are being largely ignored. So we would like to call on the public to support the human and oppose this degrading treatment.

“We are a group who feel the politics of this situation are irrelevant and feel it crucial to highlight the important issues.

“We believe the placing of a 57 year old woman into a male prison following the revoking of her license is internment by other means, and the on going strip search routine carried out by a riot squad on those who resist, is brutality justified under the guise of legality especially when there is an alternative.

“On Thursday 14th at 7.30pm in Pilots Row Derry we have organised a public meeting to help broaden support and to inform the public on how bad the situation is. On the panel will be family members and chairing the meeting will be Civil and human rights activist Bernadette McAliskey.”