Friday, 18 March 2011

Rally Against The Cuts! Sat. March 26th

On Saturday 26th March the Trades Union Congress (T.U.C) has called for a march against the cuts, and there now is going to be a rally in Derry's Guildhall Square which has now been supported by the Derry and the newly reformed Strabane Trades Council.

The T.U.C campaign is demanding ‘Jobs, Growth and Justice’ will be holding a series of demonstrations on March 26th and the one planned here in Derry will coincide with these.

Whilst anarchists support the fight back against the cuts and call on workers and communities to take part in the March 26th rallies, we believe much more needs to be done to defend our public services.

To date we have witnessed some of the most inspiring resistance against these continuing Tory/Lib cuts in public services with the storming and occupation of town halls, libraries and universities along with large scale demonstrations, all of which anarchists have played a key role.

In doing so as anarchists are arguing that any fight back against the cuts has to be based on the principles of solidarity, direct action, and self-organisation and a revolutionary alternative to the reformism of the likes of the Trade Union Movement.

Assemble: Saturday March 26th Guildhall Square, Derry 1.30pm