Friday, 4 February 2011

Rally in Solidarity With The Egyptian Revolution

The DerryAntiwar Coalition will hold a rally/vigil this Friday at 5p.m. in the Guildhall Square to support the democracy movement in Egypt for the overthrow of the 30 year old Mubarak Regime. There are estimates that as many as three hundred people have been killed over the last week The internet and mobile systems have been closed down, Mubarak has been mobilising thugs, undercover police and prisoners as vicious counter re...volutionary forces The workers and youth have bravely stood firm.

We know the role Mubarak and Egypt have played in maintaining the blockade of Gaza against the will of the Egyptian people. We know the covert and open support the regime has shown to the Israeli Defence Forces in oppressing the Palestinian peoples and international aid workers alike.

The British and US governments have supported this regime over decades fully aware of their human rights abuses, disappeared, false imprisonment, torture and murders. Events in Tunisia and Egypt will be a revolutionary catallyst for the whole of the Middle East.

Source: DAWC

Further updates on continuing developments in Egypt: