Monday, 10 January 2011

Student Protest Against EMA Cuts &Tuition Fee Rises

The fight for education now comes direct to our doorstep, as the Assembly prepares to debate and vote on the future of education in Northern Ireland in the coming months. The Minister responsible, Danny Kennedy, has already indicated that he wants to follow Westminster's lead. However, he is clearly nervous and has been rocked by the level of opposition from young people here.

Just before Christmas, students representing a number of schools, colleges and Queen’s University established the Northern Ireland Student Assembly (NISA) to unite young people in the fight to defend EMA and oppose tuition fees.

Derry FEE group has decided to work closely with NISA and call our demonstration on the same day as Belfast and right across the England too.

EMA can be saved and the hike in tuition fees can be stopped. We are the Silent Majority. We are many, they are few.

29 January 1pm
Guildhall Square, Derry