Saturday, 8 January 2011

Down With This Sort Thing!

Decades of widespread unemployment, increased cutbacks within the public sector have been on the cards for some time now, so we've now been told to simply fall into line and just accept things the way they are and share the pain.

However despite all this, news has it that plans are afoot to hold a right Royal knee’s up as Prince William and Kate Middleton announces they’re to wed. As fate would have it, all this in a year when there will also be an historic Windsor trip to the 26 counties with all the usual pomp and pageantry laid on thick no doubt.

The news itself of a royal wedding was quite rightly met with distain on many working class housing estates and dole queue across the land, an act viewed by many as a sick attempt to lighten the blows in these times austerity. So with the wedding date now confirmed as Friday April 29th 2011 the Tories duly announced an extra bank holiday especially for the occasion, just so we can all join in with the celebrations.

Right on cue, anarchists in the city have set the wheels in motion for our own local celebrations on the same date as this royal occasion.

Derry’s Guildhall Square will set the scene on Friday April 29th as the international Worker’s Day weekend begins with a day of street theatre, some pomp and a bit of working class peasant pageantry with a difference.  With an executioner, holding stocks and of course a possible gallows brought in for good measure, the days celebrations are said to commence giving the happy couple receiving a right royal flogging of our own, just to let them know what we think of them!  All that’s missing is you, your period peasant costumes, and don’t forget, bring your rotten vegetables!