Sunday, 2 January 2011

Anarchism, The Rich & The Struggle Against The Cuts, The Rich and the Struggle Against the Cuts is the title of a forth coming public meeting hosted by anarchists in Derry on Saturday 18th December.

Amidst continuing protests across the entire 26 counties, the anger felt by aggressive anti-working class policies of the Irish government, the European Central Bank and the IMF, were both employed and unemployed alike have been once again singled out.
The population of the south have just been subjected to the toughest austerity budget that Western Europe has seen in 30 years. Yet the tax hikes that targeted the low paid and those on average income actually saw the richest 1% gain! Someone earning only 15,000 euro could be paying nearly 6% more tax but someone whose income is a million will be paying 6% less tax.
Andrew Flood from the Workers Solidarity Movement will be revealing the class war that the wealthy 1% are waging against workers and the poor and looking at why the unions have failed to seriously resist it despite the ability to mobilize tens of thousands. He will also talk of the work of the 1% Network, an alliance of left groups, in highlighting the wealth already held by that 1% and demanding a general strike to resist these attacks.
The public meeting will take place on:

Saturday 18th December @ 3pm
Sandino’s Bar, Water Street, Derry.