Thursday, 27 January 2011

Bloody Sunday Commemoration March & Rally

Sunday 30th January
Assemble 2.30pm Creegan Shops, Derry

Assessing Saville

Public discussion seven months after the publication of the Saville Report a panel discussion seeking to assess the strengths, flaws and impact of the report legally, politically and culturally.

Saturday 29 January
8pm Pilots Row, Bogside, Derry

Art of Protest

A Workshop for Change

3.00 pm – 5.00 pm, Saturday 29th January 2011

Pilot's Row, Community Centre, Rossville Street.

This Saturday Foyle Ethical Investment Campaign (FEIC) is holding its annual activist workshop coinciding with the anniversary of Bloody Sunday. 'Art of Protest' will see human rights and peace activists gather to reflect on what is effective/affective practice in an age where hope of radical change seems to have all but evaporated.

What works? What doesn't work? Why does it work? How does it work?

The workshop is open to everyone, those already active and those thinking of taking a first step.

With an emphasis of creative intervention it’s an opportunity to both look at the big picture and create space for a creative exchange of approaches and ideas. Among the campaigns represented will be activists from the flotilla to Gaza, the Derry to Gaza medical aid convoy, Shell to Sea, Shannon Watch and the film maker Jen Marlow whose latest film, 'One Family In Gaza' is being screened earlier in the week in the Nerve Centre (Wednesday 26th Jan, 8pm).

Foyle Ethical Investment Campaign (FEIC) is a non party affiliated group of citizens, academics, and human rights activists who are committed to non-violent protest, participative democracy and working to ensure that the peace process extends into the ethics of how our city-region shapes its local economy so that our peace is not built at the expense of the peace of others across the globe.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Student Protest Against EMA Cuts &Tuition Fee Rises

The fight for education now comes direct to our doorstep, as the Assembly prepares to debate and vote on the future of education in Northern Ireland in the coming months. The Minister responsible, Danny Kennedy, has already indicated that he wants to follow Westminster's lead. However, he is clearly nervous and has been rocked by the level of opposition from young people here.

Just before Christmas, students representing a number of schools, colleges and Queen’s University established the Northern Ireland Student Assembly (NISA) to unite young people in the fight to defend EMA and oppose tuition fees.

Derry FEE group has decided to work closely with NISA and call our demonstration on the same day as Belfast and right across the England too.

EMA can be saved and the hike in tuition fees can be stopped. We are the Silent Majority. We are many, they are few.

29 January 1pm
Guildhall Square, Derry

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Robert Lewandowski Released

We have received information today that Robert has been released on a 3-month suspended sentence following a successful appeal. NICEM is helping him to find accommodation. Updates to follow!

Support Robert Lewandowski

“A homeless man who squatted in a Belfast apartment over Christmas to escape the freezing weather has been jailed for six months.

Robert Lewandowski, 29, used keys he had stolen weeks earlier to move into the south Belfast flat once a woman who lived there left for the holidays.

The Polish national took nothing during a four-day stay- he simply used a stove, watched television and cleaned up after himself.

Lewandowski pleaded guilty to theft and wrongfully taking possession of the property at Tates Avenue between December 24 and 28.

Belfast Magistrates’ Court heard on Wednesday that he had been sleeping in apartment block communal areas after losing his home and job earlier this year.

He stole the keys after spotting the door to the flat lying open and went in after a party on 5 December.
A lawyer for Lewandowski, of no fixed address, said he had left the property exactly as he found it.

He told the court that when the woman and her partner returned to find him there the defendant did not try to leave.

The solicitor said his client was apologetic, but had only gone in on Christmas Eve when temperatures were down to -10C.
“He let himself in to keep out of the cold. For four days he used the TV and stove to heat some food,” he said.
“He didn’t take anything, and he had four days and ample opportunity to effectively clean the place out,” the solicitor added.
But after Lewandowski waived his right to a pre-sentence report, the district judge said his theft and wrongful entry was without justification.
He was jailed for two terms of six months each to run cocurrently.
He also agreed to fix bail pending a planned appeal, although Lewandowski was not released as he had no suitable address”

This case has highlighted the housing crisis in Northern Ireland and the need for decent, affordable social housing for all. Robert Lewandowski squatted in the property through desperation – desperation to escape -10c temperatures. He took nothing out of the house despite having a four-day period of opportunity to do so and has been jailed for 6 months through simply following a survival instinct.

Robert lost his job and subsequently his home – and was turfed out onto the street and forgotten about. When the banks couldn’t pay for themselves, they were bailed out with workers’ money. It’s time for the working class to demand their bailout!
This group aims to build a support group in solidarity with Robert Lewandowski and to raise the awareness of housing & homeless issues across the board.

Demonstration to mark the Second anniversary of Operation Cast Lead

Derry Anti War Coalition will be holding a short Demonstration on Monday 27th December at 3pm to mark the second anniversary of Operation Cast Lead when nearly 1400 Palestinians were killed by Israeli Defence Forces, including men, women and children. 13 Israelis also died during the operation.

We urge everyone to come out and show their support for the people of Gaza who are still under siege and their fellow Palestinians in the West Bank who are under occupation.

Monday 27th December @ 3pm
The War Memorial, The Diamond, Derry

Public Meeting Postponed Due To Weather Conditions

Anarchist public meeting in Derry had to postponed due to weather conditions – A new date will be announced shortly for Bloody Sunday Week at the end of January.

Walkout Against the Cuts!

Don’t let the Tory/Stormont Government impose unnecessary cuts. Cuts to EMA, rise in tution fees. Cuts in health, welfare, public services, jobs.
Walkout at 12pm & assemble Guildhall for a march at 12.30

Social Space for Activism in Derry

Several activists in Derry have come together try and to look at more practical ways of working together following the examples in more recent times of grassroots organisation in cities across the country.  To date many have worked together already in various successful projects and actions, others have participated directly in issues of social change locally, nationally and internationally.

All would agree there is a need, now more than ever, to open up that debate further to look at ways of creating different or imaginative ways of taking on or challenging issues which directly face our communities, our class more and more each day. One good positive suggestion has been raised recently: creating a free space in the city, a social centre. Independent cultural centres have existed now for some years in Ireland be it in Dublin, Cork, Belfast and Galway promoting diversity and grassroots organisation.

But why a social centre? There is already some pubs and clubs in the city that allow various groups to meet or hold discussions and whilst that’s all well and good it is not the best environment to encourage people to work with others to improve their lives as a community whether culturally, artistically or creatively.

A centre or social space suggestion is something that could openly facilitate activity, debate or learning, a place for people to come together that will encourage and develop a community orientated and community organised space for Derry. This includes everything from starting up non profit/funded social groups organising around areas of social change based on shared resources, participatory democracy, co-operation, true solidarity.

The aim of creating a social space locally would be to provide an informal base to people to become informed and inspired in an open environment for people to meet, to share and obtain information on local, national and international campaigns, struggles and activities. To create and assist local campaigns, strikes and protest with information and other resources that are of direct relevance to the people who use it.

Having a non-profit making collective based around a social space could help provide an useful resource for activists to come together in a relaxed environment for a coffee/tea, a reading area where people can have a sit and read from basic leaflets to a comprehensive library/archive from community and international politics, self help, Irish history etc. To a space for holding regular events such as informal discussions, showing movies, music events, as well as providing a venue for local community grassroots groups to hold their own meetings and events.

Already the possibility of creating a free social space has thrown up many ideas as to what people locally would like to create; all are of course are only suggestions but in time, limited only to peoples energy and motivation (and the space) could prove to be achievable goals.

Lending library of books and pamphlets
Arts space and resources
Alternative media archive
Entertainment Music space
Exhibition space
Radical Labour History Archive 
Organic food space
Computer and internet access
Women’s space
Books, magazines and pamphlets for sale
Advice and support from volunteers
Meeting space for groups

If you would like to know more on this project or get involved then drop us an email:

Down With This Sort Thing!

Decades of widespread unemployment, increased cutbacks within the public sector have been on the cards for some time now, so we've now been told to simply fall into line and just accept things the way they are and share the pain.

However despite all this, news has it that plans are afoot to hold a right Royal knee’s up as Prince William and Kate Middleton announces they’re to wed. As fate would have it, all this in a year when there will also be an historic Windsor trip to the 26 counties with all the usual pomp and pageantry laid on thick no doubt.

The news itself of a royal wedding was quite rightly met with distain on many working class housing estates and dole queue across the land, an act viewed by many as a sick attempt to lighten the blows in these times austerity. So with the wedding date now confirmed as Friday April 29th 2011 the Tories duly announced an extra bank holiday especially for the occasion, just so we can all join in with the celebrations.

Right on cue, anarchists in the city have set the wheels in motion for our own local celebrations on the same date as this royal occasion.

Derry’s Guildhall Square will set the scene on Friday April 29th as the international Worker’s Day weekend begins with a day of street theatre, some pomp and a bit of working class peasant pageantry with a difference.  With an executioner, holding stocks and of course a possible gallows brought in for good measure, the days celebrations are said to commence giving the happy couple receiving a right royal flogging of our own, just to let them know what we think of them!  All that’s missing is you, your period peasant costumes, and don’t forget, bring your rotten vegetables!

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Anarchism, The Rich & The Struggle Against The Cuts, The Rich and the Struggle Against the Cuts is the title of a forth coming public meeting hosted by anarchists in Derry on Saturday 18th December.

Amidst continuing protests across the entire 26 counties, the anger felt by aggressive anti-working class policies of the Irish government, the European Central Bank and the IMF, were both employed and unemployed alike have been once again singled out.
The population of the south have just been subjected to the toughest austerity budget that Western Europe has seen in 30 years. Yet the tax hikes that targeted the low paid and those on average income actually saw the richest 1% gain! Someone earning only 15,000 euro could be paying nearly 6% more tax but someone whose income is a million will be paying 6% less tax.
Andrew Flood from the Workers Solidarity Movement will be revealing the class war that the wealthy 1% are waging against workers and the poor and looking at why the unions have failed to seriously resist it despite the ability to mobilize tens of thousands. He will also talk of the work of the 1% Network, an alliance of left groups, in highlighting the wealth already held by that 1% and demanding a general strike to resist these attacks.
The public meeting will take place on:

Saturday 18th December @ 3pm
Sandino’s Bar, Water Street, Derry.