Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Derry's First Ever Radical Bookfair Success!

Derry's first ever Radical Bookfair was held over the Bloody Sunday week of events on Saturday 28th January 2017 in Pilots Row Community Centre.  It's estimated that several hundred people passed through the doors of Rossville Street venue to explore what the days events had to offer as well as to rummage through the different book stalls to catch a bargin or two.

A spokesperson for the Radical Bookfair Collective stated: "the day itself was a brilliant success judging by the numbers it attracted as the Pilots Row Centre had a steady flow of the interested and the curious alike who explored what the all the various stalls had to offer.  There really was a fantastic mixed of books and independent publications for every type of interest from books relating to political theories such as on socialism to republicanism, feminism to anarchism, queer or gender politics right through to a wide range of both local and national social and political history. 

"Chatting to the different stall holders during the days events, everyone had enjoyed the experience, as well as the networking and of course the trade itself.  It has been estimated that throughout the day's events several hundred book lovers had past through the building to take in the variety of stalls as well as to engage with the different talks that was created around recent book titles. Again this was a recent benefit to all the different independent book sellers and publishers on the day both locally and nationally, not to mention all the participants who came from far away as Scotland and England.

"It was really great to see a number of local authors in attendance, taking time to engage with the those attending, signing their books such as Emmet O'Connor and Dave Duggan as it really shows that what we have created here today is something worth continuing. 

"The people here today from Derry, Donegal and Tyrone really love their books as well as their politics and supporting independent booksellers, that is something we feel has to be encouraged. For those who came up to us throughout the day and requested that the event be a prominent fixture on the city's calendar, we would have to say, watch this space."

Derry Radical Bookfair

Rojava Revolution: Derry Solidarity Mural

Mural created by local activists in solidarity with the Rojava Fighters. The action followed a talk and discussion on the Rojava Revolution at this years first ever Derry Radical Bookfair.

Bloody Sunday March for Justice - One World One Struggle!

Several thousand people took part in todays annual Bloody Sunday March for Justice in Derry marking the 45th anniversary which made its way from the Creggan to Bogside along the original route of the initial Civil Rights demonstration in 1972 at which 14 unarmed innocent civilians were murdered by British Paratroopers. Each year Human rights, social justice and prisoner support groups made up the bulk of the commemoration and in keeping with its non-party political policy this years main speaker was Sheila Coleman of the Hillsborough Justice Campaign. Several campaigns took place of prominence on today's march to highlight their ongoing struggle for justice which included the Tony Taylor campaign, local republican currently interned by the British State as well as Abortion Rights campaigns North and South of the border. Workers Solidarity Movement in Derry were joined by anarchists from Belfast, Dublin and beyond. Thanks to everyone who attended this important event, those who introduced themselves, and everyone who travelled to show their support and solidarity with the March for Justice. 

Bloody Sunday in Derry - Origins & Consequences of a Massacre http://www.wsm.ie/c/bloody-sunday-derry-causes-consequences-massacre-1972

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“As a human, Revolutionary Anarchist, Conscientious/Total Objector, an individual who has been spending 23 years in a lit cell under the darkness of a dungeon, I see all entities of capitalist, statist, nationalist, fundamentalist, sectarian and patriarchal power structure are responsible for all this. I start hunger strike, to draw attention to all this, before and after, to emphasize that new forms of struggle and social opposition has to be organized, and to reflect my own political, moral and conscientious attitude." - Anarchist hunger striker Umut Firat

Sunday, 22 January 2017

March for Justice: Derry to mark 45th Anniversary of Bloody Sunday

Anarchists in Derry will be joined again this year with anarchists from across the country to mark the 45th anniversary of Bloody Sunday. more info on Bloody Sunday events for this week check out www.bloodysundaymarch.org